Thursday, January 5, 2012

BabyLegs Legging

Stylish and comfortable at the same time!
These legs & arms warmers are the hottest new product.

They are more than leg warmers for your children!

- They keep legs warm when baby is in a sling or other carrier and her pants ride up, exposing delicate skin to cold temperatures.
- Pair with a one to keep baby's legs warm without scrunching baby's tummy with a waistband.
- Use as tights for little girls under a dress
- Keep baby's legs warm during a diaper change, especially useful if they are feeling under the weather and catching a cold.
- They are great for older kids to keep on hand in case they wear shorts to school but the weather turns cold during the day.
- Covers delicate areas to prevent baby from scratching
- The knit fabric is light-weight enough to keep baby's legs covered in the sun while still keeping her from overheating.
- Keep your crawling baby from getting rug burns
- One size fits most children from birth to age 10.
- There are colors and patterns for both boys and girls, and solids work great for everyone.
- These make a great baby shower gift, and the price makes it easy to buy several pairs to coordinate with all kinds of outfits.

Creative uses for adults too!
- Cook with legging on your arms to protect against burns and splatter
- Cover your arms while driving to prevent sunburn
CODE: GAG (BL0005)
Clearance price: RM10

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